How to Plan End of Life Care for Dogs

Losing a pet is as difficult as losing a loved one. This is because most pets are normally considered to be part of the family. Planning end of life care for dogs especially is key, and some tough decisions will be required of you as a pet owner. You need to consider things like acquiring adequate resources to ensure the best care for your dog who is in pain or experiencing a poor quality of life. These resources would include easy access to veterinary services twenty-four hours a day for pain management, oxygen and hydration and alternative treatments if they are available. An organisation such as PETA has a plan for the end of life care for dogs. The goal of the plan is to ensure that they provide information that will be empathetic and clear, giving you as many humane options for your pets care in its last days. The options also include, in dire cases, the use of emergency euthanasia.

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