Dogs understand words not just the sound of your voice

Does your dog understand what you are saying? Every dog owner has wondered about it. This topic interests even scientists. So, here is the answer. Dogs understand words, and it has been proven by a research, performed by Eötvös Loránd University. In fact, dogs understand more subtleties in speech than we thought. Their brain processes the sounds, they hear from you, and causes their reaction, based on what they heard. Although there is a lot left to learn about the neural pathways of dogs, we know now, that no matter what tone of the voice you use, dogs can understand and distinguish words. The important fact is – the tone of your voice doesn’t matter as much, as we used to believe. The research has provided us with the evidence, that dogs understand words, said to them in a neutral voice as good, as they understand those, said with a praising tone. Experts in canine intelligence also say that dogs can learn about 165 words.”


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