Dog vaccinations: What are they and when to get them?

A big part of being a responsible dog owner comes down to keeping your dog, and its environment, healthy. Many diseases can be spread by dogs, but luckily they are easy to prevent by making sure your beloved animal get its regular dog vaccinations. Dog vaccinations work in a similar way as human vaccinations, a small dose of weakened germs is injected into to bloodstream, which triggers the body into making antibodies against this disease. In this way, the antibodies get a ┬┤training┬┤ for when a real disease occurs. Dog vaccinations should be manditory to make sure diseases like rabies can not spread to humans. The best way is to get your dog vaccinated as a puppy, which will be done in 3 sessions. It will receive a cocktail against the most common diseases like rabies, parvovirus and leptospirosis. As an adult it is important your dog gets booster shots every year around the same time. Always remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Dog vaccinations keep your puppy healthy

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