Agility training as a bonding experience

Are you wondering How to create a bond with your dog while putting his or her instincts to work in a fun way? The answer is agility training. This is a common dog sport that requires you, the handler, to direct your dog through a couple of obstacles like standard jumps, pause tables, weave poles, tire jumps and tunnels. In competitions, you would be expected to guide your dog through the course as fast as possible. Agility training offers both you and dog numerous benefits some of which include, • Dogs are natural hunters and do so by running after an assortment of prey. During a pursuit, dogs have to navigate through bushes, climb slopes, jump fallen logs and push through thick vegetation. Agility courses simulate the same natural habitat fulfilling your dog’s desire for a chase and hunt. • The training also helps your dog get rid of excess energy. By running, jumping and squeezing through obstacles, your dog’s body, and mind are challenged. This improves coordination, endurance and strengthens muscles. • As you run alongside your dog, you are also getting in shape. In other words, you are also getting an invaluable cardiovascular workout every time you take your dog out on training. Agility courses are designed in such a way that your dog will require your help to complete it. Since the dog relies on instructions you give it orally or bodily, the trust between both of you is increased. The course also helps reinforce basic obedience commands, improves communication with your dog, and helps nurture and improve his or her behavior off the agility course.

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